Choosing Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Dusk To Dawn Lighting

As the name suggests, dusk to dawn lighting is a form of lighting that operates from sunset to sunrise – a built-in photocell automatically switches them on when darkness falls, and off again at when light is detected. Dusk to dawn lights are a great way of improving the security of a property, whilst simultaneously minimising energy consumption, whilst also removing the burden of having to manually switch them on and off every morning and evening.

Getting the right lighting for the job

When choosing dusk to dawn lighting it is crucial to ensure that you select the right solution for the task at hand, but that isn’t to say that they can’t look the part too. Dusk to dawn lights are available in a wide range of styles, with something to suit every exterior. The Edit Coastal Half Lantern is a great choice for subtly illuminating doorways or exterior walls, and, due to its traditional design, works particularly well with period properties. Dusk to dawn floodlights and spotlights on the other hand, provide more high-powered, functional solutions, which are better for illuminating large spaces such as gardens, driveways, or the exterior of a commercial premises.

Improve your security with dusk to dawn lighting

As well as creating the illusion that a property is occupied at all times, some dusk to dawn lights also come with built in PIR sensors, which act as an extremely effective burglar deterrent, due to the fact that they are able to detect movement from up to 10 meters away and have a detection range of 180 degrees. Used alongside one another, wall lights and spotlights can significantly improve security, and provide peace of mind for the property owner, even when they’re elsewhere.

Greater energy efficiency

Dusk to dawn lights not only come in a wide range of styles and perform a variety of practical functions, most are now equipped with LED technology, making them an extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly option. Additionally, as dusk to dawn lights only turn on when triggered, there’s no risk of leaving them on accidentally and wasting electricity unnecessarily. The vast majority of dusk to dawn lights come with an override switch that allows for manual operation which, for those who like full control over their lighting, is the best of both worlds.

Dusk to dawn lights provide an array of benefits to homeowners and owners of commercial premises alike. To discuss the best lighting options for your property or premises, speak to our experts today.

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