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Light bulbs have been in demand for homes and businesses for decades, with incandescent bulbs being used widely from the 1880s, and most urban homes lit by electricity and light bulbs by the 1930s. Today, there are millions of different uses for light bulbs, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of different styles and shapes of light bulb, with the majority of bulbs being installed today being LEDs.


LED technology has completely revolutionised light bulbs, and has made it possible to provide much more brightness with much smaller amounts of power required than with conventional bulbs. This efficiency is better for our homes and our work premises by reducing electricity bills, but also better for the environment too, since less energy is wasted.  


There are other practical benefits of LED light bulbs too. There are colour changing bulbs that allow for you to choose the best colour temperature for the ambience, and paired with smart technology, bulbs can be controlled directly from a remote control or your smartphone for incredible convenience.


It isn’t just the practical nature of LEDs that make for great light bulbs though. Whether you’re looking for a traditionally shaped bayonet bulb, a screw cap bulb, or a golf ball shaped bulb, there are shapes and sizes to suit all light fittings perfectly. For light fixtures that use the lightbulb as a feature, rather than something to be hidden, you’ll find a range of decorative LED bulbs in our range too.


Of course, if you’re looking for specialist light bulbs, or bulbs without LEDs, you’ll find fluorescent tubes, incandescent, and halogen bulbs in our range, as well as industrial bulbs and energy saving bulbs. While some of these are increasingly difficult to source due to changes in the law and the tendency towards LED bulbs, we’ll stock as many as we can, and find alternatives, so you can get the bulbs that you need, when you need them.