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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Wall LightsLED Outdoor Wall Lights

LED Outdoor Wall Lights

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LED Security Lights

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LED Floodlights

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LED Solar Lights

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LED Garden Lights

LED Outdoor BattensLED Outdoor Battens

LED Outdoor Battens

Outdoor lighting has to work hard around the outside of our homes and businesses, and for a range of different purposes. You might be adding lighting for safety and security reasons, to highlight a particular feature in your garden, or simply to make it look pretty – but without a doubt, you’re going to want to consider LED outdoor lighting.


The main advantage of LEDs for outdoor lighting is that LEDs don’t require a lot of power – which means that if you’re using mains powered outdoor lighting, you won’t be adding to your electricity bill unnecessarily. If you don’t have access to mains power, there are battery powered, and solar powered options that can work just as well for you, and because LEDs don’t need that much power to provide significant brightness, you can install outdoor LED lighting anywhere around the garden, or perimeter of the premises.


LEDs are incredibly small, and the compact nature of LEDs means that designers have been able to create outdoor lighting in more interesting shapes, sizes, and styles than ever before. So whether you’re installing floodlights or porch lights for security, you’re looking for wall lights or garden lights to light up your landscaping, or you’re looking for string lights to make your garden that bit prettier on summer evenings, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our range.


Businesses that operate outside, or are exposed to the elements due to the nature of their premises may need near-daylight levels of lighting, and for that, outdoor LED batten lights are often the best option. With many styles available in weatherproof, non-corrosive casing, and with IP safety ratings of IP65, they’re tough enough to continue to provide the brightness needed for work to continue throughout the night, whatever the weather.