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There are many ceiling fans to choose from among the Lyco range. Some have a built-in light, while others don't. Some are contemporary in style, while others have a traditional look. Several specifications need to be considered when buying a ceiling fan.

Fan sizes

Fan sizes are chosen according to the size of room, avoiding a fan that is too small to be effective in the proposed space. The table below shows suitable fan sizes for any room.

Up to 60 square feet 30 to 39 inches
Up to 140 square feet 40 to 49 inches
Up to 350 square feet 50 to 60 inches

Distance from floor to blades

For a fan to effectively circulate air, the distance between floor and blades should be between 7ft 6" and 9ft. Any ceiling higher than 9ft will require use of a drop rod to lower the fan to a suitable height. These can usually be cut to size if necessary.

A drop rod is also necessary if a fan is required to be installed on a sloping ceiling. In that case, sufficient clearance must be allowed for the blades against the angle of the ceiling.

Cooling and warming

All of our fans circulate air in the summer with an anticlockwise motion. In the winter, most of them can be switched so the blades rotate in a clockwise direction. This has the effect of pushing warm air from the ceiling back into the room, maximising the effectiveness of your heating.


Many ceiling fans come complete with an on/off pull cord for manual control. Usually you'll have the option of adding a wall control or remote control. These two cannot be installed simultaneously (i.e. you'll have to choose between a rotary wall switch and remote control).

Choice of finish

Many of our ceiling fans have reversible blades, with each of their two sides finished differently. This increases the chances of your finding exactly the right model to suit existing décor and gives you the option of changing if you want to redecorate or refresh a room. For more information take a look at our guide to ceiling fans.