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  1. Envirolight 2W Very Warm White 200lm LED Decorative Filament Pygmy Bulb - Bayonet Cap

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  2. Envirolight 2.5W Very Warm White 250lm LED Decorative Filament Pygmy Bulb - Small Screw Cap

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LED pygmy bulbs are a low energy replacement for high consumption mini incandescent bulbs and are used in electrical appliances such as cooker hoods, sewing machines and fridges.

LEDs are superbly reliable in cold temperatures, so these bulbs make a great choice for refrigerator lighting. Unlike halogen pygmy bulbs, LEDs do not produce excessive heat so will remain cool to the touch, making them ideal for nightlights and table lamps. LED is a robust solid-state technology which means these bulbs are especially resistant to vibration or shock, with many featuring an additional shatter-proof cover, making them particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Other uses for LED pygmy bulbs include illuminated outdoor signs, which, when used with halogen, use vast amounts of energy. Given that a single LED uses about a tenth of the energy of a traditional halogen bulb, these become an effective means of reducing energy costs.

LED pygmy bulbs also feature a much longer life time than their halogen equivalents, on average around 25,000 hours. With normal everyday use, they require minimal maintenance and replacement over time.