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LED bulbs have been a possibility for decades, but have increased in popularity over the past few years, as the awareness that we need to do better for the planet has built. LED bulbs offer significant benefits for the planet, due to their longevity, and their lower levels of energy consumption, as well as their smaller impact on the environment at the end of their working lives.  


They’re not just great for the environment though – when it comes to making your lighting fixtures look great in your home, LED bulbs are the answer, since they are available in many different shapes. Whether you’re looking for a flame shaped LED bulb for your candelabra inspired wall light, a traditionally shaped LED bulb, or the smallest LED capsule bulb that you can find so that the bulbs is hidden from sight, you’ll find an LED bulb to suit your needs in our range. In addition to getting the right shape LED bulb, you can choose whether you want a clear glass to show off a decorative filament, or an opaque bulb for a diffuse effect.


There is a lot more to LED bulbs than conventional bulbs used to offer. Many styles now allow for the colour temperature to be changed, allowing the space to be lit with daylight, cool white light, or warm white, depending on what works best for the activity or the time of the day. If you prefer different colours to create a certain type of atmosphere in the home, many LED smart bulbs can provide those, and are controlled through an app on your smartphone.


For specialist bulb requirements, and commercial bulbs, LEDs are taking the place of traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs now, with LED bulbs of this type being more affordable, and easier to source. Whatever your requirements for bulbs for your home or your business, our range of LED bulbs is extensive, and you’re certain to find what you’re looking for.