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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can serve a number of purposes, whether you are looking to illuminate the exterior of your business or for lighting to simply show off your 'lovingly cared for' garden.

In many cases exterior lighting fulfills more than one purpose but most importantly whichever outside lights you choose, they should be ‘fit for purpose’. This is where IP Ratings come in.

All exterior fittings come with an IP rating, which in the very least should signify a resistance to inclement weather. The starting point is often IP23 which means the outdoor fittings are suitable for sheltered use, then up to IP43 or IP44, which means imperviousness to sprays of water. Climbing up the scale will mean complete resistance to dust or strong jets of water, and in some cases the light might be submersible to a certain depth. For a full explanation of this subject take a look at our helpful IP Ratings guide.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The first purpose of commercial lighting is to provide effective levels of light for people to move around your premises unhindered. To this end we have an extensive range of bulkhead lights, floodlights and weatherproof fluorescents. We also have sign lights that make navigation even easier.

Security Lights

Security is something that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds regardless of where they live or work, as once the Sun goes down the opportunities for miscreants increase. Our range of security lights include a selection of PIR Lights and dusk to dawn lights to suit every outdoor situation.

Outdoor Wall & Porch Lights

Outdoor wall lights add character (and lighting) to the exterior of your home and walling, whilst porch lighting can be invaluable when you’re searching for the right key at the end of a long day. We have an extensive selection of wall lights to choose from.

Garden Lighting

Gardens are there to be enjoyed after dark as well as during daylight hours. Staring out into a wonderfully lit well pruned garden in itself can give a feeling of warmth and inner satisfaction.

Our range of garden lighting includes Plug and Play lights that offer an easy-to-install custom designed lighting solution, whilst our decking lights will bring your decking to life. On top of that our post and ground lights will help navigate pathways, whilst spotlights accentuate your gardens features.


Why not bring a bit of decorative fun to your outdoors with our range of fairy lights, festoon and line lights. Not to be confined to festive parties, these decorative lights can be used all year round to great effect. We also have a wide range of outdoor floor lamps and lights worthy of investigation.

Solar Lights

Harnessing the power of the sun like never before, these solar outdoor lights offer effective lighting and cost no more than the initial purchase price. These lights are FREE when it comes to energy costs and can be positioned pretty much anywhere as they aren’t restricted by power sources.

Our Outdoor Lighting range incorporates a wide range of technologies but if you're after LED in particular, why not browse our extremely impressive LED Outdoor Lighting range.

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