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Lighting up the outside of a property is an essential step, whether you’re lighting up the outside of a home, or a commercial premises. You might be making use of lighting purely for security reasons, to make the building or the garden look great, or to light up the grounds in order to prevent slips or trips when it is dark. Whichever reason you’re looking for outdoor lighting, our range encompasses a huge number of shapes, styles, and purposes.


When you’re adding lights for security, you’ll want a super bright light. Floodlights or porch lights, and some styles of outdoor wall lights, are your options, depending on the area that needs to be lit up. If the area isn’t used regularly, then a light with a PIR sensor, can minimise electricity wastage, or you might want the area lit continually from dusk to dawn – which can be taken care of with a dusk to dawn sensor.


If you have access to mains power outside your property, then you’ll be able to install whatever type of lighting you need with ease, whether that is security lighting, wall lights, lanterns, ground lights, or spotlights. But where mains power is inaccessible, then solar powered outdoor lighting is an option that is highly recommended. Almost all of the types of mains powered outdoor lighting is available with solar powered styles, so whatever purpose you need the light for, you’ll be able to get the style you want. As long as the solar panel is exposed to the sun for a good part of the day, your outdoor light will be able to be used throughout the hours of darkness.


For areas that can’t get mains power, or solar powered outdoor lighting, battery power is the way forward. Although some models need AA or AAA batteries, there are more models than ever that have a USB rechargeable battery in them, which is much more convenient, as well as being better for the planet and your wallet.