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Track Lights

Choose from our track light ranges below and build your own bespoke track kits for your home or office.

EDIT 1 Circuit TrackEDIT 1 Circuit Track

EDIT 1 Circuit Track

  • 1 Circuit
  • Large range
  • Non LED & LED spotlights
  • Wide range of connectors
  • Can be suspended
  • Kits available


Astro 1 Circuit Track LightsAstro 1 Circuit Track Lights

Astro 1 Circuit Track

  • 1 Circuit
  • Full range of connectors
  • Non LED & LED spotlights
  • Design orientated
Robus TrackRobus Track

Robus Track

  • 1 Circuit
  • Entry level
  • Non LED & LED Spotlights
  • Pendant Adaptor available - This means you can integrate any pendant on the track system SKU 61079
  • Kits available
Academy 1 TrackAcademy 1 Track

ACADEMY 1 Circuit Track

  • 1 Circuit
  • Simple range
  • Non LED
  • Kits available

Track lighting is a practical lighting option that first emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, and has remained a popular type of lighting ever since. As a type of lighting that can allow you to get plenty of light throughout a room in your home, with spotlights that can be positioned where you need them most, it sounds as though it could be boring – but track lights tend to be minimalist designs that can be applied anywhere. In offices, workrooms, showrooms and galleries, track lighting really comes into its own, since it is simple to reconfigure quickly depending upon the needs of the business, and the spotlights on the track can be moved easily.


Our track lighting kits are ideal for installing spotlights in rooms in the home and office, are easy to install and are completely customisable – they can be altered to fit the layout and length of any room. Not only can you install either LED, or non-LED spotlights as you prefer, but there are adaptors available too, allowing for other types of lighting such as pendants to be added to the track system quickly and easily.


Choosing the right track lighting for your home or business is often based on the way the lights look – which is absolutely fine, because you set it up as you want it. Our range includes sleek black, or white spotlights, as well as more industrial looking styles that can provide a toughness to the space.


When choosing additions to an existing track light setup, it is important to ensure compatibility – ideally, choosing extra lights and extensions for the track from the same manufacturer. If you’re unsure about whether existing track is compatible, get in touch, or seek advice from a qualified electrician.