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Outdoor Wall Lights

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Decorative Wall Lights

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Lighting up the garden is an important part of finishing a property, whether it is a residence or a place of work. But garden lights aren’t the only type of lighting to consider – and when you’re approaching a home, lighting needs to look welcoming, and to reflect the style of the people that live there. Our range of decorative outdoor wall lights has a huge number of options, from classic lantern styles, to contemporary up and down lights, recessed styles, and styles that sit further out from the wall.


If you’re installing an outdoor wall light where access to mains power is an issue, such as near a garage, then a solar wall light is a great option. Solar power isn’t the only feature you’ll find in our range of decorative wall lights, many outdoor wall lights have Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control them conveniently through an app on a smartphone or tablet.


For wall lights that don’t need to be on continually, then a movement sensor (either microwave or PIR sensor) can keep the light off until you need it, and if the light needs to switch on when night falls, and off at daybreak, then look for wall light with a dusk to dawn sensor. In areas that need to be lit up even if there is an emergency, you may need a maintained emergency light – and you’ll find those in our range too.


When you’re installing lights outdoors, you need to be certain that your light will remain watertight, which is indicated by the IP rating – ideally, you’ll be looking for IP44 and above, particularly for walls that are exposed to the weather. For areas that are very exposed, look for weatherproof wall lights, and if the property is within 10 miles of the sea, then you’ll need a coastal resistant model, to ensure that your outdoor wall light continues to perform for you, year after year.