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Sign Lighting

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  1. Edit Display LED Sign Light - Black

    £36.99 £30.82
  2. Searchlight LED Sign Light

    £52.99 £44.16
  3. Kosnic Kalem Daylight Surface Mount Maintained/Non Maintained LED Emergency Exit Sign Box

    20% Off
    Special Price £23.99 £19.99 Regular Price £29.99
  4. Faro Barcelona Foc-2 LED Outdoor Sign Light - Dark Grey

    £174.00 £145.00
  5. Elstead Selma LED Outdoor Sign Light - Black

    £119.00 £99.17
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Sign lighting as you might imagine is used to illuminate exterior signs, but it also refers to lighting key outside areas of your business. It’s really about after-dark presentation: making your establishment noticeable and appealing to passing trade as well as safe and secure to any visitor. By lighting exterior signs you ensure that the nature of your business is prominent, whilst lighting walls, entrances and walkways helps to create an inviting mood.

Swan neck or goose neck?

You’ll notice in some designs that the face of the light fitting is more inwardly angled than in other lights, with a ‘neck’ that generally curves more too! These lights are especially intended to light exterior signs, as they cast the light more directly back onto the wall. This is particularly useful if you’re a business that might depend heavily on signage, such as a restaurant or hotel.


Naturally, our sign lights are all weatherproof; generally they carry an Ingress Protection rating that signifies resistance to sprays of water. These lights can withstand the worst of British weather!

First impressions count

By installing any of our high quality sign lights you’ll be creating a positive first impression! The outside of your business premises might be regarded as a way of advertising who you are, how much you care, and your level of attention to detail. It might easily make the difference between trade and no trade.

Inside matters too!

As well as covering all aspect of sign lighting outdoors, our range of sign lights is also suitable for highlighting those important notices indoors. For instance - no one likes to be searching high and low for the toilets in their hour of need. A guiding well light sign can certainly be a site for sore eyes!