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Indoor Lighting

Batten LightsBatten Lights

Batten Lights

Emergency LightingEmergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

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Panel Lights

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Track Lights

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LED Strip Lighting

Decorative LightingDecorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Our impressive range of decorative lighting will add the wow-factor to any environment.

When you’re looking to light up your home or a business premises, there is a lot to consider. You’ll need ambient lighting to ensure that you can move around the space safely, as well as accent lighting to show off the parts of the space that you really love, and the right task lighting for whatever you’re doing. It is a lot to think about, but whatever type of indoor lighting you’re looking for, finding it is as simple as browsing our range.


Where brightness is the key to the success of your business, then batten lights, ceiling panels, and bay lighting are all perfect options to flood the space with light. But functional lighting doesn’t always have to mean plain, and there are plenty of styles of decorative lighting, for ceilings, walls, and desks that you’ll want to browse before making decisions about the right type of lighting in the space. Although decorative lighting options are traditionally found in the home, in offices and customer facing locations like shops or salons, decorative light fittings can be a great addition to décor, and more businesses are choosing them to add personality to their space. Whether you choose pendant lights, chandeliers, or lamps for the table or floor, each type of lighting will add to the ambience of the space, while providing the lighting that you need.


Of course, when you’re lighting a business premises, keeping your team, and any visiting customers safe is paramount. Despite the fact that few businesses end up needing them for emergency situations, it is better to have and not need emergency lighting – but you want it there, just in case the worst happens. Whether you need the light fittings, or you need illuminated emergency exit signage, we have you covered.