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High Bay and Low Bay Lights

High and Low Bay Lights

High and low bay lighting, commercial lightingHigh and low bay lighting, commercial lighting

High Bay vs Low Bay lighting and how Lyco can support your projects

For over 25 years, we have been supporting our commercial clients with lighting projects in industrial spaces, retail stores, school halls and gyms.

If you are looking at updating or upgrading your commercial lighting then we can support your work with site surveys and return on investment calculations. We can produce lighting schemes that show the light levels at the point they reach the floor, and make recommendations from our range of commercial lights to guarantee you the best value commercial lighting option, with huge cost savings when compared to your existing lighting technologies.

Decorative Wall LightsDecorative Wall Lights

High Bay Lights

Outdoor LanternsOutdoor Lanterns

Low Bay Lights

High Bay

High bay lights are used in to light up spaces with high ceilings, usually when mounting heights are higher than 6 metres (20 feet).

They are commonly used in:


High Bay Lights for warehousesHigh Bay Lights for warehouses


High Bay Lights for factoriesHigh Bay Lights for factories


High Bay Lights for retail spacesHigh Bay Lights for retail spaces

Retail spaces

High Bay Lights for gymsHigh Bay Lights for gyms


High Bay Lights for schools, universitiesHigh Bay Lights for schools, universities

School halls


High bay lights feature built-in deep reflectors that are used to direct the light down from high ceilings, while minimizing glare. They have high lumen output, but they are designed to provide clear, uniform lighting of what’s below. Our lighting projects team can offer advice on the number of lights required and show you the light levels you will achieve at floor level, ensuring the lighting will be sufficient for the intended tasks.

The right high bay lighting installation can save you thousands on your lighting costs, boost productivity, and increase safety in factories or warehouse commercial spaces.

There are several different fixture types for High Bay lighting: Round high-bay lights, linear high bay, and architectural high bay - choosing the right one can depend on your own preference, but also the tasks you’ll be performing under it. To get a second opinion and talk to our experts please contact us today on 0345 646 1133.

Our High Bay Lights:

Lyco Pro Linear High BayLyco Pro Linear High Bay

Lyco Pro Linear High Bay

Lyco Pro Linear High BayLyco Pro Linear High Bay

Solid Slim Circular High Bay

Lyco Pro High BayLyco Pro High Bay

Solid Pro Dimmable High Bay

Lyco Pro High BayLyco Pro High Bay

Lyco Pro High Bay

Low Bay

Low bay lights are lights constructed from very durable materials and able to withstand commercial and industrial environments – and are designed for spaces with ceiling heights lower than 6 metres (20 feet).

Low bay lighting is used in the same environments as high bay, they are just designed to illuminate areas with lower spaces. They are built with a shallower reflector, which diffusers the lights outwards, at a wider beam angle to spread the light out.

While the build spec of low bay lights are of the same quality as high bay lights for durability, water resistance (IP rating) and toughness (IK rating), we do stock different fixture types to give you more flexibility when choosing the right installation for your space.

Ask us today for a recommendation for your lighting project.

Our Low Bay Lights:

Lyco Eco Linear Lyco Eco Linear 

Lyco Eco Linear 

Lyco Pro BattensLyco Pro Battens

Lyco Pro Battens

Lyco Perform BattensLyco Perform Battens

Lyco Perform Battens