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Lyco are lighting experts, and we have many years of experience behind us to attest to that fact, but we also sell a wide-ranging stock of essential business supplies. So if you’ve come to us for your lighting needs it may well be the case that we can help you in other departments, too. Our globe-trotting team of buyers select these products with the same care and attention they use to purvey our excellent range of lighting products. You can always be assured with Lyco that you’re getting a good deal, as we pass on the benefit of our buying power to our customers.

Here are some of the products you might find among our pages:

  • Air quality and cooling: we stock a wide range of electric heaters, fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioners and extractor fans. In conjunction with our lighting expertise, we can help you create the best possible working environment for your staff, and a healthy, refreshing one for customers.
  • Electrical supplies: plenty of bits and bobs to help keep your business running smoothly, including plugs and timers, fuses, sockets and switches, remote controls, batteries, chargers and transformers.
  • Office Equipment: a variety of clocks for you to watch and intercom systems for easy cross-building communication.
  • Security Equipment: we stock a diverse range of security gear, including CCTV systems, alarms, safes, keys, padlocks and door locks, counterfeit detectors, door bells and secure entry systems, personal alarms and 2-way radios. With Lyco you can protect yourself and your business comprehensively!
  • Maintenance tools: we stock a truck load of maintenance items from power tools to hand tools, current testers, tape, screws and fixings, sack barrows and step ladders, door wedges and door closers. Your maintenance man need never go empty handed - with Lyco he’ll always have the tools needed for the job!
  • Health and safety equipment: as the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and Lyco stock a wide range of vital gear in that respect. Choose from our range of mains and battery powered smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, or health and safety signs.
  • Catering equipment: Lyco have long served customers in the catering industry, with a wide-ranging stock that includes fridges and freezers, microwave ovens, toasters and kettles, hand dryers and fly killers, thermometers, timers, gloves, face masks and wipes. Flicking back over to the bulb side of things for a second we can also furnish kitchens with specialist heater bulbs for their hotplates and serveries.

So you see our list of supplies is extensive. Lyco can light up your business with light bulbs and light fittings, and once the lights are on we’ll furnish you with much of the vital gear you’ll need as a successful and conscientious enterprise. Turn to us for fast and efficient service and benefit from our sharp focus on customer satisfaction.

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