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LED 2D & Double D Bulbs

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  1. Kosnic 12W Colour Selectable LED 4 Pin DD Bulb

    £18.99 £15.82 As low as £18.04
  2. Kosnic 9W Colour Selectable LED 2 Pin DD Bulb

    £17.99 £14.99 As low as £17.09
  3. Kosnic 18W Daylight LED 4 Pin DD Bulb

    £25.99 £21.66 As low as £24.69
  4. Kosnic LED DD Emergency Conversion LI-ON Battery Pack

    £36.49 £30.41 As low as £34.67
  5. Robus 10W LED Retro Fit Gear Tray

    £29.99 £24.99 As low as £25.64
  6. Robus 10W LED Retro Fit Gear Tray - Emergency

    £59.99 £49.99 As low as £51.29
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Typically used in interior or exterior bulkheads, Double D or 2D lights often use CFL energy-saving lamps for operation. While fluorescent lighting is substantially more energy-efficient than incandescent, it holds no such advantages over LED. LED double D bulbs will cut your energy usage by at least half over a CFL equivalent, in addition to boasting phenomenally long lifespans - typically 15,000 to 30,000 hours.

There are other advantages, particularly relevant for the likely use of this lamp: with LED you get instantaneous light without flickering or warm-up time; a particularly rugged, solid state form of lighting, LED is very well suited to utility lights that might be subjected to a bit of disturbance; LED is eco-friendly and easily disposable, whereas regular energy-savers use mercury and require special disposal.

You might also find our double D fittings incorporate a movement sensor, so you can fit the lamp readily into an appropriate light fitting and it’ll switch on and off when it senses anybody present. Unlike a CFL lamp, this potential to switch on and off doesn’t place any undue strain on the LED light or disproportionately lessen its lifespan.

Cut energy-usage by half and give your bulkheads a bit of a breather - buy LED double D bulbs!