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Solar Floodlights

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  1. 10W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 1080lm with Dusk to Dawn PIR Sensor - Black

    £57.99 £48.32
  2. 10W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 1100lm PRO with Dusk to Dawn PIR Sensor - Black

    £77.99 £64.99
  3. 20W Solar Daylight LED Floodlight 2000lm IP65 with Remote Control - Grey

    £140.00 £116.67
  4. 15W Solar Daylight LED Floodlight 1500lm IP65 with Remote Control - Grey

    £103.00 £85.83
  5. 10W Solar Daylight LED Floodlight 1000lm IP65 with Remote Control - Grey

    £65.99 £54.99
  6. 100W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 15000lm IP65 with Remote Control - Black

    £103.00 £85.83
  7. 60W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 10200lm IP65 with Remote Control - Black

    £78.99 £65.82
  8. 30W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 5100lm IP65 with Remote Control - Black

    £53.99 £44.99
  9. 32W Cool White Solar LED Floodlight 3520lm with Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor

    £193.59 £161.32
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Solar floodlights are a great option to light up the outside of any type of property for security and safety reasons, without needing to wire the light into mains power. This means they can be used in remote locations such as gardens and driveways, or they can be installed instead of mains powered lighting as a greener alternative, or to save on electricity bills.

How do solar floodlights work?

Solar floodlights have solar panels that convert energy from the sun into electricity, which is stored in a battery, and can then be used when the light needs to be on. To conserve and make the most of the power in the battery, some solar floodlights also have passive infrared (PIR) sensors, so they are only switched on when someone is moving nearby, as well as dusk to dawn sensors, so that they won’t switch on during hours of daylight.

Are solar floodlights really powerful enough?

Absolutely. Solar floodlights have integrated LED bulbs that don’t require a lot of power to provide a lot of brightness, and so as long as the solar panels are exposed to sufficient sunlight most days, there will be plenty in the battery to light up the area when necessary.

The other great thing about those LEDs? They last a really long time, years in most cases, and so once a solar floodlight is installed, it will continue to perform for years, as long as it is well maintained – usually just removing dirt or debris from the panel and the light cover.

What safety rating do solar floodlights need?

As solar floodlights need to be installed outdoors, they have an IP rating of 65. This means they’re suitable for withstanding the majority of weather, as they are tested against jets of water from any direction, and they are entirely sealed, so it is tough for anything to get inside them and stop them working too.

What colour lights do solar floodlights have?

Most solar floodlights have cool white and daylight tones. Some styles are dimmable, and have a remote control to allow for the light to be set to the preferred brightness.

What automation do solar floodlights have?

PIR sensors and dusk to dawn sensors are the most common types of automation, but there are some solar floodlights that have remote controls that allow you to configure the light as necessary. Those with remote controls allow you to set the light to be on for a set number of hours, and to set the brightness level that is best for the space too.

Where can I get the best solar floodlights from?

We have a great choice of solar floodlights that have been tried and tested. Should you require any assistance with your purchase, you can contact our team of lighting experts.