Festoon Lights For Dazzling Outdoor Areas

If you own a pub or restaurant or even a hotel with an outdoor space then you will appreciate the summertime is a fantastic opportunity for you to increase your turnover and profits.

The reason being is that with the onset of summer there is a new found enthusiasm from the local residents to spend time together socialising and to enjoy the warm evenings. There is no better place to do this than the local pub beer garden and so people will happily flock there after work or on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy a few drinks and perhaps a bite to eat.

So as you can see with an upturn in trade you will be able to take a greater profit throughout the hotter months which will keep you ticking over when it becomes quieter later in the year.

The outside space that you have will need to be in full working order before the end of the spring so as to ensure that as soon as the demand is there it can be used to its full potential. This doesn’t have to be an expensive change at all, it can simply be a case of a few cosmetic changes to the exterior area to ensure that when the customers do arrive they are comfortable and feel warm and welcomed into the pub environment.

Lighting is a key part of this and especially outdoor lighting, in this case you can choose from a variety of different lighting options to use throughout the different stages of the evening and night to help create a different atmosphere should your guest require it.

One of the popular lighting options available are the festoon lights, these lights help to create a bright and colourful display in your outside space. They can be used in the pub beer garden, restaurant terrace or even on a shop front.

The festoon lights are designed to be completely weatherproof which is vital in this country as you can have four seasons in one day. The fittings, which are usually bayonet, are also insulated and weather proof and all of the cabling included with the festoon lights is double insulated for the same reason. The festoon lights come with a long cable too so that you can place them up to three metres away from your mains power source, they also come as a set so you will have all of the cable, bulbs and clips that you need to get the festoon lights up and running in time for the party.

If you have a look online you will be able to see that festoon lights are widely available and also the bulbs come in a variety of colours, this gives you the freedom to choose which sets of colours that you think will work best in your place of business rather than having to go with the ones that are chosen for you. Remember to shop around and find the best deals online before committing to the final purchase.

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Charles Barnett Managing Director

Charles started Lyco in 1995 with just 4 enthusiastic employees and has grown it considerably over the past 25 years. Charles is also the Managing Director of Lighting Direct and newly acquired Online Lighting. He now has a team of 50 lighting experts working on growing Lyco Group to be the UK leader in lighting for both businesses and homes. Away from the office he is a keen cyclist and is proud to have cycled 1017 miles from Lands End to John O’Groats to raise money for a new residential centre for adults with multiple learning difficulties.