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Halogen Bulbs

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  1. 300W Jacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 118mm

    £13.99 £11.66 As low as £13.29
  2. Bell 18W Warm White Energy Saving Halogen G9 Capsule

    £1.49 £1.24 As low as £1.42
  3. 200W Jacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 220mm

    £28.99 £24.16 As low as £27.54
  4. 200W Unjacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 118mm

    £10.99 £9.16 As low as £10.44
  5. 300W Jacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 220mm

    £28.99 £24.16 As low as £27.54
  6. 300W Unjacketed Clear Catering Lamp - 118mm

    £5.49 £4.57 As low as £5.22
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At Lyco, we stock a wide range of halogen bulbs and lamps in both mains and low voltage to suit all your requirements, whether you are lighting the star of the show, or the path to the shed. As well as regular halogen lamps, we have a wide range of specialist lamps used in the stage film and TV industry, for conference centres, swimming pools and dental practices.

These halogen bulbs are generally produced to fit into specialist fixtures, but with Lyco there's no need to go to a specialist supplier as we have the full range, and at great prices too. Whatever halogen lights or accessories you're after, they should be available within our range.

Halogen Light Bulbs for Home, Office & Commercial

We also have every other kind of spotlight you could possibly want for your home or commercial use. Our mains halogen lighting range includes the popular GU10 'twist and lock' halogen bulb. Their dichroic reflector focuses the lamp to produce a dazzling light output in a range of beam angles.

Dichroic Reflector

We also stock regular low voltage 50mm spotlights, which have the same reflector system, and differing beam angles, but operate at a safer low voltage with a transformer. There are long life, cool fit, daylight and energy saving versions too. Where space is at a premium, why not consider using 35mm or even the super small 25mm low voltage dichroic spotlight halogen bulbs?

Double Ended Linear

Another popular lamp is the double ended linear halogen, normally found in floodlights and security fittings. This workhorse of exterior lighting gives a bright, powerful light, and we have wattages all the way up to 1000 watts.

Low voltage AR111 reflectors

Offering dazzling displays for shop and display lighting, we have three different low voltage AR111 reflectors to really bring out the best in your products. Our low and mains voltage halogen light bulbs are small, bright and powerful and typically used in slide projectors, accent lighting and even the world's smallest halogen reflector - the very latest in lighting technology.