Bollards, Pedestals & Posts Explained

The differences between bollards, pedestals and posts may not lose you much sleep at night, but they’re handy to know when buying outdoor lights. You’ll often see the terms used randomly, so here we attempt to sort them out.

Three definitions:

  • Bollard: A thick, sturdy post with a light on top, commonly used as commercial security lighting around perimeters and walkways.
  • Pedestal: A lantern or modern alternative with a short base for use on walls, pedestals or steps. Ideal for marking entrances to paths and driveways.
  • Post: A slimmer, often taller version of a bollard with a light at the top. Ideal for lighting garden paths or showing off plants and shrubs.


Posts & Bollards

Post and pedestal light fittings are ideal for providing effective outdoor post lighting where there is no suitable place for a wall light. Larger fittings are perfect for creating dramatic entrances or lighting an area where a smaller fitting would be obscured by tall plants or buildings.

Our smaller post and garden spike lights provide more discreet lighting for unobtrusive ambient light.

Pedestal lights

Lyco offers a wide variety of pedestal lights, ranging from traditional lanterns to modern stainless steel designs. These short outdoor fittings are ideal for bordering paths or decking areas and placing on top of walls, pedestals, or steps.

They add mood to gardens as well as providing light for safe movement. We have pedestal lights for all settings, whether a commercial exterior or the garden of a home, pub, or restaurant.

Coastal use

Stainless steel and painted metal light fittings do not protect against salt corrosion and are unsuitable for coastal use. Anywhere within 10 miles of the sea is deemed a coastal site by Lyco.

Norlys painted steel and aluminium lights come with long anti-corrosion guarantees of 15 and 25 years. They can be used as close as 4 miles from the sea without voiding the warranty.

Copper and galvanised steel products are always suitable for use near the sea. Once in place, they form a natural patina that inhibits corrosion. The harsher the environment, the quicker this happens. Polycarbonate fittings are also a good choice for coastal sites.

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