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✓  Energy savings of up to 90%

✓ Return on investment within 6 months

✓ Carbon emissions reduced

Specialist lighting company Lyco was commissioned to reduce energy consumption across the Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin estate by replacing all existing light bulbs with LED alternatives

The hotel group owns 31 unique hotels throughout the UK, many of which are old, historical buildings.  The challenge was to upgrade a dated lighting system, with a tailored solution for each site, yet deliver a quick return on the initial investment.

How did Lyco help?

Taking into account the individual nature of each building, Lyco surveyed the sites and carried out rigorous analysis to ensure that the most appropriate lighting solutions were used for illuminating specific areas. 

Where necessary, bespoke components were sourced to complement the unique style of each hotel.

The recommended LED light bulbs had to meet stringent lighting objectives for each space, whilst still being sympathetic to the bespoke nature of the individual properties.

The Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin Group saw immediate energy consumption reductions resulting in a lower environmental impact and cost savings. Following the conversion to LEDs, the company benefited from:
  • Energy savings of up to 90%
  • Maintenance cost and time spent replacing the current light bulbs vastly reduced – instead of replacing bulbs every 3 months they would only need to be replaced every 3.5 years
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 4.4k tonnes which is roughly the equivalent of £52k saved in CLC costs
  • Return on investment within 6 months

“For over 10 years, the team at Lyco have helped us with our lighting needs in every way.  From helping us to easily convert our leading hotels to LEDs and then to quickly realise significant cost savings, through to providing technical guidance and support to our maintenance teams.”

Ray Begley, Group Maintenance Manager at Malmaison and Hotel Du Vin Group

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