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Heating & Cooling

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  1. 2100W Wall Mounted Patio Heater

    £69.99 £58.32
  2. 1800W Wall Mounted Patio Heater

    £129.00 £107.50
  3. 1800W Wall Mounted Patio Heater with LED Light

    £165.00 £137.50
  4. 1600W Standing Patio Heater

    46% Off
    Special Price £106.67 £88.89 Regular Price £200.00
  5. 40cm High Velocity Air Circulator Fan - Floor & Wall Mountable

    £59.99 £49.99
  6. 4 Inch Mini USB Desk Fan

    70% Off
    Special Price £2.03 £1.69 Regular Price £6.99
    Out of stock
  7. 9000 BTU Cooling Air Conditioner

    £480.00 £400.00
  8. 12000 BTU Cooling and Heating Air Conditioner

    £552.00 £460.00
  9. 14000 BTU Cooling and Heating Air Conditioner

    £649.00 £540.83
  10. Faro Barcelona Mini Icaria Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control - Matt Nickel

    £210.00 £175.00
  11. Faro Barcelona Palao Ceiling Fan with Light - Black & Mahogany

    46% Off
    Special Price £53.67 £44.72 Regular Price £99.99
  12. 3 Speed Tower Fan

    £39.99 £33.32
  13. Faro Barcelona Ceiling Fan 500mm Extender Rod - White

    68% Off
    Special Price £6.24 £5.20 Regular Price £19.99
  14. Faro Barcelona Ceiling Fan 300mm Extender Rod - Dark Brown

    49% Off
    Special Price £10.61 £8.84 Regular Price £20.99
  15. Faro Barcelona Lantau Ceiling Fan with Remote Control - Matt Nickel & Walnut

    £415.00 £345.83
  16. 3 Speed Desk Fan - 16 Inch

    £29.99 £24.99
  17. 2 Speed Desk Fan - 9 Inch

    £27.49 £22.91
  18. 3 Speed Power Fan - 18 Inch

    £87.99 £73.32
  19. Faro Barcelona Chicago Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control - Black

    £211.00 £175.83
  20. 3 Speed Pedestal Mist Fan - 16 Inch

    28% Off
    Special Price £86.39 £71.99 Regular Price £120.00
  21. Eterna 2kw Adjustable Downflow Heater with Runback Timer - White

    £41.99 £34.99
  22. 3 Speed Adjustable Desk/Pedestal Fan - 12 Inch

    £49.99 £41.66
  23. Smart Heating and Cooling Tower - White

    23% Off
    Special Price £172.79 £143.99 Regular Price £225.00
  24. Tydir 15W Colour Selectable LED Ceiling Fan 132cm with DC Motor - Wooden

    £143.79 £119.82
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In the UK, we’re obsessed with the weather, and very often, we’re talking about how we’re either too hot, or too cold. Whichever extreme of temperature we’re in – or even when the weather is somewhere between, we’re looking to increase the levels of comfort in our homes and workplaces.


In most cases, heating homes and workplaces is our priority. When you consider how many cold and damp (or just absolutely freezing!) days there can be throughout the autumn, winter, and even into spring, there is definitely a need for additional heating to keep us at our optimal temperature, whether that is for working, or for relaxation. Chilly spaces might need an additional panel heater added to the space, or maybe it is more convenient to have a heater that can be brought to wherever it is needed.


In order to be able to really enjoy outdoor space during the warmer months, patio heaters (and maybe a blanket!) are key for our comfort, allowing us to stay out that bit longer when the weather cools off. Our range includes wall mounted, and portable standing styles, with some styles incorporating LEDs to provide both heat and light in one compact unit, with just one socket required.


Although the number of super-hot days in the UK are few, compared to the number of cold days, when it is hot, we need relief, and fast. Fans are the most popular option, whether they are compact desk sized ones, they’re larger, high velocity ones, or slimline tower models – keeping the air moving does wonders, both to help us work, and to rest more comfortably. When things are super-hot though, and particularly in workplaces, then an air conditioning unit is the best answer to the heat, allowing for the ambient temperature to be brought down to a much more manageable level. Then, the only thing that is left to manage is who wins the battle over whether it is too cold, or not cool enough yet!