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Fly Killers & Tubes

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  1. 5.5W LED Plug in Fly Killer - 50M

    £42.99 £35.82
  2. 16W Plug in Fly killer - 50M

    £37.99 £31.66
  3. 40W Plug in Fly killer - 150M

    £74.99 £62.49
  4. Prem-I-Air Plug-In Insect Killer - 50M

    £14.99 £12.49
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Whether you’re a butcher or baker, chip shop or burger joint owner, restaurant or café manager, our range of fly killers is perfect for maintaining a healthy environment. In a restaurant you’ll want to control flies in all areas, whether it’s the kitchen, food storage area, or front of house. If you’re running a business such as a baker’s or a sandwich shop, you’ll want and need to control insects as best you possibly can to avoid both a spread of germs and discouraging your customers from returning!

Things to consider

One thing to bear in mind is discretion: in the dining area of a restaurant you really don’t want a series of loud executions that alert your customers to the presence of insects. For this type of environment a glue board type of fly killer is more discreet.

Lyco stock a wide range of products that promote health and hygiene in a variety of environments, and these fly killers and tubes are part of the solution. Create a cleaner environment for both customers and staff alike!

Lyco swiftness

Whether you’re ordering lamps, microwave ovens or these fly killers and tubes, you stand a good chance of next-day delivery being available with Lyco! We ship goods with great efficiency every evening from our large central warehouse, using a reliable carrier to ensure you’re not kept waiting. Please feel free to get in touch with us by fax, email or phone if you have any specific product queries - we’re always delighted to be of assistance!