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Counterfeit Money Detectors

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  1. UV Counterfeit Money Detector

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Theft can take a variety of forms, but the net result is always the same for those on the receiving end! If you’re a business with a high turnover of cash, such as a pub, restaurant, or shop, you’re vulnerable to loss of revenue by counterfeit money. Often the effect is cumulative, and fraudsters will frequently use single high-value notes so they can easily deflect their culpability.

For these reasons a counterfeit money detector is invaluable. Aside from its obvious function it helps to maintain customer relations, as without a form of counterfeit detection you may well feel reluctant to accept unduly high-value bank notes.

Counterfeit money detectors generally come in two forms:

  • A counterfeit banknote detection pen applies an iodine-based ink to bank notes, which reacts with starches in many counterfeit notes. Generally the pen will leave a yellow mark or be colourless with a genuine note, whilst a counterfeit note with starch-wetted paper will cause the ink to produce a dark mark.
  • UV Counterfeit Money Detectors are perhaps a more reliable means of detecting fraud, and make a wise choice for businesses with extremely high turnover or a high incidence of passing trade. They work by identifying fluorescent elements embedded into bank notes, traveller’s cheques, and credit cards, as well as other potentially fraudulent items such as passports and driver’s licenses.

An invaluable piece of equipment for any money-handling business, you’ll find affordable solutions to preventing counterfeit loss amongst Lyco’s stock.