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MK Electric

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MK Electric provide the benchmark against which all other electrical accessory manufacturers are measured. Established for over eighty years, it currently has manufacturing sites in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Zimbabwe, and South East Asia. Its products include circuit protection, wiring devices, switches, cable management and datacoms.

The name MK Electric comes from the Multy Kontact spring grip socket, which company founders Charles Arnold and Charles Belling developed after the end of the First World War. This product was so successful that the BESA (British Electrical Standards Association) changed their standards to accommodate it. Indeed, by 1923, they built their own factory in North London and renamed the company MK Electric.

Soon after the Second World War had ended, the British Standard for plugs and sockets BS 1363 was introduced, with MK Electric being the first company to offer a full range of products that conformed. In 1955, they launched their first light switch, with an influential design that is still copied by almost everyone today.

The company was floated on the stock market in 1966 thanks to its success and rapid growth. MK Electric's products are used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, with the widest range of electrical accessory products on the market, in the UK and throughout the world.