Lucide Pendant Lighting

Belgium-based lighting company Lucide have been a supplier of efficient and modern indoor and outdoor lighting across Europe for 20 years and are available in over 70 countries worldwide. Lucide’s range of luminaires are now available in the UK, exclusively through Lyco, and their impressive selection of pendants in many different finishes and materials are ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as residential properties. With an excellent price point and superior performance, their pendant lights represent great value for money with a premium quality.

Lucide’s metal dome shaped pendants are proving increasingly popular and this type of luminaire is suited to low suspension in cafés or dining rooms. Many find this style of light adds focused light in areas such as worktops or dining tables, so work perfectly in restaurants and over bars. To cover larger surface areas with more light consider installing two or more pendants in the same style together.

If lighting is being added to not only illuminate but make a decorative feature within a room, it is worth considering Lucide’s bolder and more unique styles of pendant. Metal cage style structured pendants are a popular trend especially - when fitted with a decorative filament lamp. Teaming two or more pendants hung at different heights can create an eye-catching centre piece, whether the lights are switched on or off in the room. This style of installation is ideal for restaurants or long bars that have been decorated in a contemporary style.

Lucide has a wide range of pendants made from glass or with a reflective, shiny finish, and these are highly effective at diffusing and reflecting light in a space. Ceiling pendants are no longer just for lighting up a room – a well-chosen pendant from Lucide really can make a bold statement and transform the whole decoration of a space entirely.

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  1. Lucide Oris 4 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Satin Chrome

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    Special Price £199.00 £165.83 Regular Price £248.00
  2. Lucide Swapp 5 Arm Ceiling Pendant Light - Black

    23% Off
    Special Price £103.00 £85.83 Regular Price £135.00
  3. Lucide Hamois 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Iron Grey

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    Special Price £177.00 £147.50 Regular Price £248.00
  4. Lucide Boris Ceiling Pendant Light - Iron Grey

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    Special Price £21.49 £17.91 Regular Price £30.49
  5. Lucide Riva Ceiling Pendant Light - Purple

    49% Off
    Special Price £15.49 £12.91 Regular Price £30.49
  6. Lucide Tonio Ceiling Pendant Light - Cream

    39% Off
    Special Price £29.49 £24.57 Regular Price £48.99
  7. Lucide Lyna Ceiling Pendant Light - Brass

    66% Off
    Special Price £15.49 £12.91 Regular Price £45.99
  8. Lucide Granel LED Glass Rise and Fall Bar Pendant Light

    58% Off
    Special Price £65.49 £54.57 Regular Price £157.00
  9. Lucide Dual LED Ceiling Pendant Light - Chrome

    40% Off
    Special Price £90.49 £75.41 Regular Price £151.00
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