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  1. Ivela Festa Opal Outdoor Wall Light

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  2. Ivela Adelpha Submersible Ground Light

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  3. Ivela High Bay Light - Translucent/Black

    £59.99 £49.99
  4. Ivela High Bay Light Suspension Kit

    £11.99 £9.99
  5. Ivela Theta 70W Metal Halide Display Light - Silver

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  6. Ivela Kosmo Display Light

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Liscate, an Italian commune east of Milan, is home to Ivela Lighting, who are one of the worldwide leaders in designing and manufacturing professional light fittings. Their products are stylish and superbly constructed, and the company is very much a global concern with 75% of its turnover generated from export.

Founded in 1986, Ivela are specialists in residential and architectural lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their products come out of a giant 20,000 square meter on-site production area. Their experience in lighting is vast, thanks to many years of direct interaction with well-known architects and designers.


From conception to production, Ivela are a company who observe strict eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and don’t use any harmful substances or metals in their fittings. They are members of Ecolight - an association of lighting producers that concerns itself with end-of-life disposability in light fittings.


As a demonstration of the manufacturing power of Ivela, in a single day they’re capable of producing 2500m of electrical tracking, 500 architectural floodlights and 4000 outdoor ceiling fittings. They’re also one of the three biggest producers of globe lights worldwide.

Hallmarked by stunning ‘Made in Italy’ design and impeccable manufacturing, Ivela is a lighting name to invest in for anyone that appreciates design flair and high production values.