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Bulkhead Lights

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  1. Eterna Chameleon 12W Colour Selectable LED Flush Light with Microwave Sensor

    £31.49 £26.24 As low as £25.64
  2. Integral Tough-Shell+ 24W Cool White LED Emergency Flush Light with Microwave Sensor - White

    £73.99 £61.66 As low as £64.12
  3. Orb 13W Cool White LED IP65 Circular Flush Wall Light

    £29.99 £24.99 As low as £25.64
  4. Astro Montreal 300 Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Black

    £172.00 £143.33
  5. Bezel for use with Bell Aqua Flush Light - Satin Chrome

    41% Off
    Special Price £2.93 £2.44 Regular Price £4.99
  6. Bezel for use with Bell Aqua Flush Light - Polished Chrome

    41% Off
    Special Price £2.93 £2.44 Regular Price £4.99
  7. Astro Montreal Round Outdoor Wall Light 300mm - Stainless Steel

    £187.00 £155.83
  8. 18W Round Cool White LED Flush Ceiling Light with Radar Motion Sensor D300 mm

    £16.39 £13.66
  9. Round 25W Hublot Outdoor LED Bulkhead IP65 - White

    £9.49 £7.91
  10. Robus Golf Slim 10W Colour Selectable LED Flush Light with Microwave Sensor

    £44.99 £37.49 As low as £40.18
  11. LEDS-C4 Opal 22.3W IP65 Cool White Surface Panel

    £198.00 £165.00
  12. LEDS-C4 Opal 22.3W IP65 Warm White LED Surface Panel - White

    £299.00 £249.17
  13. Opal 22.3W IP65 Dimmable Dali Surface Panel Warm White LED

    £349.00 £290.83
  14. Black Round 25W Hublot Outdoor LED Surface Panel IP65 Ø175 mm

    £8.99 £7.49
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When you’re lighting up the outside of a property, you have the option of any of our range of outdoor lighting – perhaps our LED outdoor lights – but in workplace settings, bulkhead lights are often more appropriate. Bulkhead lights are a stronger, more industrial looking light that were traditionally found in manufacturing and warehouse settings, manufactured to high specifications to prevent damage from water, dust, and other threats from working activities. This specification hasn’t changed, which is why so many homes and businesses choose bulkhead lights to brighten the outside of their properties – even in coastal areas.


There is a lot of choice when you’re looking at bulkhead lights. Aside from the design, you can choose the type of lighting that you want your bulkhead light to have, and choose the colour temperature of the light too. If you’re installing a bulkhead light where a team are working, a cool white or daylight tone might be better, while a porch might suit a welcoming warm white tone. You can also choose the material the bulkhead light is made from, and the finish of the light diffuser too.


There are a number of models that have automation such as PIR and microwave movement sensors to trigger the light to switch on when someone passes by – so they can be used as a security light – as well as a number that have dusk to dawn sensors, to prevent wasted energy. And while we’re talking about saving energy, if you need a bulkhead light in a spot that is difficult to connect to the mains, our range has a number of solar powered bulkhead lights.


Our range includes the industrial styles that traditionally define the bulkhead light look, as well as sleek, purely functional styles, outdoor flush lights, and stylish wall lights too.