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Wall Lights

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Single Arm Wall Lights

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Double Arm Wall Lights

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Up & Down Wall Lights

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Picture Lights

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Reading Lights

When you’re choosing lighting for your home or your business, you’ll almost certainly be looking at ceiling lighting first. But in rooms and corridors that have lower ceilings, even flush ceiling lights may not be the right option – and that is especially the case where taller people might be moving through the space, or stock is being moved around. In spaces that ceiling lights simply don’t work, or additional lighting is required, wall lights can be the perfect option.


Wall lights aren’t just alternatives to ceiling lighting though – they can be used as additional decoration, to bring additional character and ambience to a room. Spaces that lean towards gothic, or medieval styling are complemented by a double arm wall light with candle shaped bulbs, while a minimalist retreat might look great with a sleek flush wall light that provides diffused light without the fuss.


In some spaces, a wall light can take the place of a floor, or table lamp. Tiny reading nooks that don’t have shelf space, or compact bedrooms might benefit from a wall lamp that can be angled, in order to provide the best possible lighting to prevent eye strain, without needing to find space on a bedside table or shelf. If this is something you’re considering, look for options that have an integrated USB charging socket – this is a great addition that doesn’t usually add to the cost of the light.


There are specific types of wall lights within the home too. Shaving lights, mirror lights, and picture lights are all important to get right, especially if you’re curating a specific look. Choosing the right wall light depends on so many factors – and whether you’re looking for a discreet flush wall light, a wall light that makes a statement, or to just to match the décor, our range has every shape, style, and colour.