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Garden Spotlights

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  1. Techmar Plug and Play - Alder LED Garden Spotlights - Set of 3

    £99.99 £83.32
  2. Techmar Plug and Play - Arcus WIFI Smart Plus LED Outdoor Garden Spotlight - Black

    £89.99 £74.99
  3. Lutec Explorer LED Garden Spotlight - Dark Grey

    £39.99 £33.32
  4. Lutec Ginbo Smart Solar LED Garden Spotlight with PIR Sensor - Black

    £52.99 £44.16
  5. Fumagalli Minitommy Garden Spotlight - Black

    30% Off
    Special Price £58.09 £48.41 Regular Price £82.99
  6. Fumagalli Tommy Garden Spotlight - White

    £74.99 £62.49
  7. Fumagalli Tommy Garden Spotlight - Grey

    £74.99 £62.49
  8. Fumagalli Tommy Warm White Garden Spotlight - Black

    30% Off
    Special Price £52.49 £43.74 Regular Price £74.99
  9. Fumagalli Tommy Cool White Garden Spotlight - Black

    £74.99 £62.49
  10. Faro Barcelona Flow Outdoor Wall Mounted Spotlight - Satin White

    £76.49 £63.74
  11. Faro Barcelona Toni Garden Spotlight - Matt Black

    £44.99 £37.49
  12. Faro Barcelona Seth LED Garden Spotlight - Matt Black

    £87.99 £73.32
  13. Faro Barcelona Seth LED Tall Garden Spotlight - Matt Black

    £87.99 £73.32
  14. Faro Barcelona Andy Garden Spotlight - Satin Gold

    £102.00 £85.00
  15. Luna Garden Spike Light - Stainless Steel

    £39.99 £33.32
  16. Luna Garden Spike Light - Black

    £34.99 £29.16
  17. Forum Coastal Islay Outdoor Wall Mounted Spotlight - Stainless Steel

    £27.99 £23.32
  18. Element LED Garden Spotlight - Black

    £19.99 £16.66
  19. Bell 5W Amber LED GU10 Bulb - Flood Beam

    £5.99 £4.99 As low as £5.69
  20. Techmar Plug and Play - Focus WIFI Smart Plus LED Outdoor Garden Spotlight - Black

    £59.99 £49.99
  21. Techmar Plug and Play - Catalpa LED Garden Spotlights - Stainless Steel - Set of 3

    £140.00 £116.67
  22. Taca LED Garden Spotlight - Stainless Steel

    20% Off
    Special Price £39.99 £33.32 Regular Price £49.99
  23. Searchlight Newton LED Garden Spotlight - Black

    15% Off
    Special Price £19.54 £16.28 Regular Price £22.99
  24. Outdoor Double Sided Warm White 6W LED Spotlight Hevlot Aluminium

    £17.19 £14.32
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Lighting up your garden, or the grounds of your business is important – you want your property to look great, even through the hours of darkness. While the ambient lighting is essential, there are often certain elements of our gardens that would look even better lit up at night too, which is where garden spotlights come in, but there is a lot to think about. You’ll need to decide on the colour of the spotlight fixture, and whether you want it to blend in, or flatter the space during hours of daylight. There are garden spotlights in a range of shapes and styles, in black, white, chrome, and rust finishes, amongst others, so you can get the right look for the space.


All of our garden spotlights are easy to install – many garden spotlights are simply pushed into the ground on a stake, or simply placed on the ground. Even our wall mounted options are simple to install, and include everything you need to fit. Garden spotlights are also simple to control, with technology is advancing to make that job easier too. Our range includes garden spotlights with dusk to dawn sensors, styles with Bluetooth connectivity, and remote control via an app on your phone.


When it comes to power, our range also includes plug and play styles that simply plug into an outdoor socket, as well as solar powered garden spotlights that are lit up using energy stored from the sun – and because LED lights don’t need much power for incredible brightness, solar powered garden spotlights are just as effective as mains powered ones.


If there is a pond on your property, then a submersible pond spotlight, can light the pond from underneath the waterline, in a range of colours, which looks great – choose from a whole pond lighting kit, or a single multicoloured pond spotlight.