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Decorative Wall Lights - Brass

Coastal Resistant LightsCoastal Resistant Lights
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  1. Edit Coastal Anchor Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £112.00 £93.33
  2. Edit Coastal Captain Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £218.00 £181.67
  3. Lucide Dudley Outdoor Wall Light - Matt Gold and Brass

    £76.99 £64.16
  4. Edit Coastal Bell Outdoor Semi-Flush Ceiling Light - Brass

    £102.00 £85.00
  5. Searchlight New Orleans Outdoor Hanging Lantern Wall Light

    £44.99 £37.49
  6. Astro Calvi 215 Outdoor Hanging Lantern Wall Light - Antique Brass

    £209.00 £174.17
  7. Edit Coastal Lyme Large Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £120.00 £100.00
  8. Edit Coastal Beam Outdoor Wall Light - Oxidised Brass

    £176.00 £146.67
  9. Edit Coastal Mariner Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £110.00 £91.67
  10. Edit Coastal Hook Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £102.00 £85.00
  11. Edit Coastal Hull Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £71.99 £59.99
  12. Edit Coastal Sail Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

    £112.00 £93.33
  13. Edit Coastal Mate Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £71.99 £59.99
  14. Edit Coastal Board Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £61.99 £51.66
  15. Edit Coastal Ives Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £139.00 £115.83
  16. Edit Coastal Maritime Outdoor Wall Light - Brass

    £131.00 £109.17
  17. Edit Coastal Bow Outdoor Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £150.00 £125.00
  18. Nordlux Canto Maxi Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

    £84.99 £70.82
  19. Searchlight Brunel Outdoor Oval Flush Wall Light - Brass

    £49.99 £41.66
  20. Elstead Sheldon Outdoor Wall Light - Aged Brass

    £143.00 £119.17
  21. Astro Cabin Outdoor Wall Light - Antique Brass

    £195.00 £162.50
  22. Searchlight New Orleans Outdoor Lantern Wall Light

    £38.99 £32.49
  23. Nordlux Canto Warm White LED Outdoor Up & Down Wall Light - Brass

    £92.99 £77.49
  24. Astro Jura Outdoor Wall Light - Solid Brass

    £110.00 £91.67
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Adding outdoor wall lights to external areas of hotels, bars, restaurants or homes is not only an excellent way to add character to a building, but also can be instrumental in making the outdoor space feel safer and more secure.

Here at Lyco we have a vast range of outdoor lights available in many styles: from traditional lanterns for period properties, to modern metallic downlights with integrated LEDs suited to a more contemporary architectural style. Choosing wall lights that complement the style and type of venue will help enhance the ‘curb appeal’ of any establishment.

Adding wall lights to the entrance of hospitality venues or homes instantly makes them more welcoming to guests, not to mention easier to navigate at night. With many lights now coming with integrated LEDs as standard, you’re also able to pass on a cost saving to your customers. Not only do they require less maintenance over time, but LEDs also use less energy than traditional light fittings, and so help to reduce electricity bills. Opting for models with PIR sensors ensures that the luminaire isn’t on unnecessarily, which not only gives further energy efficiencies, but also acts as a security deterrent for any would-be intruders.

Coastal Resistance

Some of our exterior lights, and especially those manufactured in stainless steel, are not recommended for use within 10 miles from the sea. Of those that are ‘coastal resistant’, you’ll find that many are Scandinavian-made. The Scandinavians are revered for their expertise in exterior lighting design, which is informed by the harsher climes that they live in. Rugged and good-looking materials such as galvanised steel and copper are typically used in coastal resistant lights, with an oft-varying finish that makes each product slightly different from the last.