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  1. Lucide Biltin Square Outdoor Deck Light - Black

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  2. Lucide Biltin Round Outdoor Deck Light - Black

    £59.99 £49.99
  3. Cecilia LED Deck Light - Black

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  4. Suri Ground Solar LED Stake Light - Set of 4

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  5. Garden 24V LED Deck Light - Steel - 3 Lights

    £61.99 £51.66
  6. Techmar Ludeco - Larch Warm White LED Walkover Lights - Set of 3

    £115.00 £95.83
  7. Robus Garland SMD Blue LED Walkover Lights - Set of 10

    £79.99 £66.66
  8. Robus Garland Cool White LED Walkover Lights - Set of 10

    £69.99 £58.32
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The purpose of deck lights is really two-fold: to define the decking area for safety reasons, and to provide a pleasant, understated light that glows just enough to serve its function. Decking lights are a great way to make your garden deck a more relaxing place. For more useful information regarding decking lights take a look at our Decking lights - adding that extra class feature.

LED decking lights are by far the most popular types of lights for garden decking. They use a solid-state technology that is resilient to vibration and shock and they last for a long time - conceivably longer than those of us that install them - and they’re extremely low powered. They can also be made with very small housings, as they don’t emit significant heat, nor require pampering.

Deck lights typically are low voltage, come in kits complete with LED drivers or transformers, and boast varying Ingress Protection ratings that will guarantee anything from straight protection against the weather to resistance in the face of high-pressure hoses. For thorough protection against both dust and jets of water, an IP65 rating is ideal, although lesser ratings are perfectly suitable for the majority of regular applications and environments.