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Lyco are proud to supply a range innovative mirror lights, which are both stylish and practical. Mirror fittings help illuminate your entire face, allowing you much better visibility when it comes to applying make-up, shaving or doing any other type of vanity activity. All our bathroom lights have an IP rating of 44, which means they are protected against splashing water (splashproof), and penetration of solid objects greater than 1mm. This makes our lights ideal for use in Zone 2 areas, such as above bathroom sinks and on bathroom walls away from the shower head. This high IP rating makes our mirror fittings effortless to clean.

Range of Mirror Light Styles

Mirror Lighting is relatively new to the market and has a contemporary feel, which makes it ideal for modern bathrooms and en-suites. They are designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes of modern bathroom mirror designs and can even be used in bathroom cabinets. Our mirror fittings are available in LED and fluorescent variants, giving greater life expectancy and great lighting distribution.

Lighting Specification

Our range of mirror fittings comes supplied with light bulbs for quick installation. Our Mirror lights use the following types of lighting:

Fluorescent Tubes

Standard fluorescent tubes can last up to nine times longer than regular filament bulbs, and the Extra Long Life versions on the market can last over forty times longer. This means they hardly ever need changing, saving you time and money. Fluorescent tubes provide a clean, bright light, and start instantly.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, and lasts up to an incredible 50000 hours, that's around 50 times longer than standard filament bulbs. LED lighting is cheaper to run than standard lighting, and does not radiate heat - therefore it is better for the environment. This type of lighting is very contemporary, and provides a bright, crisp light.

Be sure to choose the correct type of replacement bulb for your fitting - ask a member of our Team for advice if you are unsure.

Next Day Delivery

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