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Fluorescent Panels

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  1. Integral Evo 36W Back Lit Daylight LED Light Panel - 600 x 600mm

    £29.99 £24.99
  2. Integral Evo 50W Back Lit Daylight LED Light Panel - 1200 x 600mm

    £74.99 £62.49
  3. Round High Lumen 20W Cool White LED Flush Ceiling Light Cutout Ø160mm

    £15.99 £13.32
  4. Integral Evo 50W Back Lit Cool White LED Light Panel - 1200 x 600mm

    £74.99 £62.49
  5. Integral Evo 36W Back Lit Cool White LED Light Panel - 1200 x 300mm

    £38.99 £32.49
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Recessed fluorescent lighting is the art of lighting without evident lighting, you might say, at least in terms of avoiding obtrusive fittings. Our selection of modular recessed lighting is designed to illuminate your workplace or premises with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. Choose from low energy, long lasting, LED panels or tubular fluorescent solutions!

We offer fluorescent modular fittings in either switch start or high frequency models. If you’re illuminating an area permanently manned by employees doing detail oriented work, high frequency fluorescent lighting offers flicker-free illumination, no humming noise, and minimal heat output. This all adds up to the avoidance of health problems such as eye-strain and headaches, and helps maintain a healthier working environment.

On the other hand if you’re looking to keep costs low and perhaps are looking to light walk-through or low usage areas, the switch start model of lighting might be for you. Bear in mind that high frequency circuit lighting saves around 20% on energy usage, so the initial expense might quickly be offset. Fluorescent tube lifespans extend into several thousand hours, so these are low-maintenance fittings!

CAT 2 Louvre

Our fluorescent modular fittings carry a Louvre Categorisation of 2, which signifies a maximum 65° luminaire cut-off angle. This is ideal for work areas with widespread use of PC monitors, with a suggested ratio of one fitting per desk.

Choose wisely with Lyco

Should you require advice on how best to light your offices or workplace, feel free to turn to us for advice! With 15 years of experience in lighting retail, we’re well placed to be able to help. Enjoy a fast and efficient service from a company that cares!