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LED Candles

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  1. Jan Battery Operated LED White Wax Candle - 100mm

    £8.49 £7.07
  2. Envirolight 4W Warm White Dimmable 470lm LED Decorative Filament Candle Bulb - Small Bayonet Cap

    £3.99 £3.32 As low as £3.79
  3. Konstsmide 152 Slim Battery Operated LED Wax Flicker Candle

    £12.99 £10.82
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Candles are one of the most ancient forms of lighting and they still have an important a role to play today! A naked flame can be one of the most ambient forms of light there is and traditionally a candle-lit table is the epitome of romantic mood lighting. Many restaurants may baulk at the idea of a naked flame on the premises and that is where technology comes into play, as LED candles make it possible to have a candle that provides light but without the need for a wax-laden wick (and any fire concerns that it may bring).

Whether you are looking for traditional candles or the latest LED candle to put that finishing touch to your room you should find it here...

Liquid wax candles

Traditional candles may be perceived as fire hazards to some, in need of constant supervision but this isn’t the case with our selection of liquid wax candles! For a start the flame is covered, and is extinguished automatically if knocked over. The liquid wax, also known as lamp oil, burns cleanly and makes for a long-lasting light with a natural flame. So if you own a business and want to pay particular attention to creating moody, intimate ambiance, these lights are ideal!

Electric atmosphere

If you’re not looking for a natural flame, we do offer some attractive electrical alternatives. These generally are battery-powered candle lights, sometimes rechargeable, which in the case of LED models boast incredible bulb life-spans. They’re inexpensive and look great too!