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Bedside Lamps

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  1. Dar Oporto Table Lamp - Polished Chrome

    £39.99 £33.32
  2. Lucide Len Touch Table Lamp

    £27.99 £23.32
  3. Lucide Lorin Table Lamp - Black

    49% Off
    Special Price £15.75 £13.12 Regular Price £31.49
  4. Lucide Paolo Table Lamp - Silver

    £24.99 £20.82
  5. Dar Gloucester Touch Lamps - Antique Brass - Set of 2

    £54.99 £45.82
  6. Dar Jot Touch Table Lamp - Chrome

    £19.99 £16.66
  7. Dar Oporto Table Lamp - Antique Brass

    £39.99 £33.32
  8. Astro Ito Reading Wall Light With Integrated Wireless Charging - Matt Black

    £251.00 £209.17
  9. Astro Ito Reading Wall Light With Integrated Wireless Charging - Matt White

    £243.00 £202.50
  10. Edit Sider Wood Table Lamp - White and Natural

    £48.99 £40.82
  11. Edit Batllo Glass Table Lamp - Multi Colour

    £55.99 £46.66
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There are few simple pleasures that beat getting into a bed that has been freshly made with clean sheets – but getting into bed, getting comfortable and then realising you’ve forgotten to turn the ceiling light off spoils the experience! A great bedside lamp can help to prevent that from happening, and allows you to experience the pleasure of getting into bed without needing to have the ceiling light switched on. This is not just convenient, the lower levels of light that a bedside lamp provides is better for helping us move into sleep mode too.


The best bedside lamps provide diffused light, that isn’t too bright – but that look absolutely fantastic as well. As with all the light fittings in your home, your bedside lamp should complement the décor in your bedroom. That’s why our range includes bedside lamps that are finished to suit your space, from metallic – silver, chrome, brass, or gold – to natural materials. Of course, that is just the base, and when it comes to the shade for your bedside lamp, you will be able to find the right colour to match your bedroom too. And it isn’t just colour that counts for your bedside table – shape is important too. You might not have a lot of space for your bedside lamp, your taste in furniture might lean towards a particular style, or you might just be looking for something super simple. Whatever shape, or style, or colour you are looking for, our range of bedside lamps is certain to have what you are looking for.


If you’re a keen bedtime reader, then your bedside lamp needs to be able to provide enough brightness. Our top tip is to look for a style that has an LED reading light too. When your eyes are tired – or perhaps when you need light in the night – you’ll be glad that you’ve chosen a bedside lamp that is easy to switch on and off. Our range of touch lamps are perfect for use on the bedside, and are great for super-dark bedrooms, since you don’t need to fumble to find the switch.