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Security Lighting and Equipment

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  1. Forum Leda Wall Mounted Adjustable PIR Sensor - Black

    £12.99 £10.82
  2. Timeguard Night Eye LED Outdoor Wall Light with Dusk to Dawn and PIR Sensor

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Securing a property can be a major consideration, depending on the number of occupants, size and purpose of the building. A commercial building will have different requirements than a residential dwelling, and so it pays to take a detailed look at the various products available on the market before making any decisions.

Having outdoor areas illuminated in the dark is a key factor when it comes to security so it is no surprise there is a vast range of outdoor lights available. They are roughly split into two categories – functional outdoor lighting, which include flood lights, bulkheads and flush wall lights, and decorative outdoor lighting such as lanterns, spotlights and wall lights.

Flood lights are extremely versatile in commercial and residential settings, with LED products becoming increasingly popular. They offer a decent life span (some as much as 40,000 hours) and many can be programmed to only work when motion is detected or after dusk to further save energy. Flood lights are ideal for car parks, hotel gardens, driveways, sports fields and hospitality venues. A warmer white light is ideal for creating a more welcoming, ambient lighting effect whereas a cooler light can offer intense bright beams of light that are crisper and more functional. Stairs, corridors and communal areas often require softer illumination and if they are outdoor, opting for a completely rainproof and impact resistant model is wise.

For large commercial businesses with multiple entrances and exits, especially concealed or service exits away from a main road, surveillance equipment and security lights are a must. Products with PIR sensors that light automatically when movement is detected nearby not only provide a safe environment, but save energy as the light is activated only when needed. Products fitted with a motorised lamp can give the impression of being watched as the light will both detect movement and then follow it. If you need to give the impression of tight security without installing costly systems, then an inexpensive dummy security camera could be an effective deterrent to potential burglars.

For minor security purposes, such as storage units, internal office doors and commercial buildings, products such as digital door locks with numerical combinations and access control systems are worth considering. They’re easy to install and are a cost-effective way of ensuring access is limited precisely how you need it to be.