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Back when LED lighting was nothing but a wee bairn its output was weak - restrictively so, to the extent that it was only really used for decorational lighting. But now the technology has matured things have changed drastically, with LED lighting providing enough kick to be used in floodlights, security lights, and utility lights. This will only increase as time goes on, as various companies strive to evolve the technology in multiple directions.

One of the opportunities afforded by LED technology is its ideal partnership with solar power. Because LED is so sparing in its use of power, a solar panel can provide enough charge from a single day to drive an LED light all night. The sizes of the panels are proportionate to the size of fitting and amount of LEDs, but this self-sufficient form of lighting is a perfect demonstration of the potential of LED lights - widely believed to be the way forward in illumination and already the most eco-friendly lighting solution.

The specs

As with regular utility lights, the solar-powered variety sometimes comes with PIR movement sensors, dusk to dawn photocells for automatic nocturnal lighting, and can be security lights, floodlights, or spotlights. Whatever form of utility light you need, be sure to check out the cheapest-running option of all: the power of daylight carried into the night.

IP Rating

All outdoor lights will carry a suitably high IP rating to be at least weatherproof, but if you intend hosing down the light with a jet of water you’ll need the second figure of the 2-digit rating to be 5 or above (e.g. IP65). The first of the two figures is an indicator as to how well-protected the light is from solid objects and dust.

LED is the lighting of the future: continually being developed for increased versatility. But it’s also a technology that has matured significantly, to the extent that it’s already the most eco-friendly, low-powered light form around. It’s also robust, being both shockproof and vibration-proof, which obviously makes it ideal for many testing outdoor applications. Invest in LED today and you’ll never look back!

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