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Post & Bollard Lights

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  1. Inti Edit 6W Cool White LED Outdoor Bollard Light 50cm - Black

    £25.99 £21.66
  2. Inti Edit 6W Daylight LED Outdoor Bollard Light 30cm - White

    £23.99 £19.99
  3. Inti Edit 6W Cool White LED Outdoor Bollard Light 30cm - Black

    £23.99 £19.99
  4. Inti Edit 6W Daylight LED Outdoor Bollard Light 50cm - Stainless Steel

    £23.99 £19.99
  5. Inti Edit 6W Daylight LED Outdoor Bollard Light 50cm - White

    £23.99 £19.99
  6. Inti Edit 6W Warm White LED Outdoor Bollard Light 30cm - Stainless Steel

    £22.99 £19.16
  7. Inti Edit 6W Daylight LED Outdoor Bollard Light 30cm - Stainless Steel

    £22.99 £19.16
  8. Lucide Solid Outdoor Bollard Light - Dark Anthracite

    £56.99 £47.49
  9. Edit Skyla Outdoor Post Light - Black

    £51.49 £42.91
  10. Lucide Large Combo Outdoor LED Post Light - Black

    £127.00 £105.83
  11. Lucide Tatum LED Spotlight Post Light - Anthracite

    £95.49 £79.57
  12. EasyFit 12V Garden Lights - Botanic LED Post Light - Black

    £14.99 £12.49
  13. Edit Faro LED Outdoor Bollard Light - Dark Grey

    £34.99 £29.16
  14. Edit Graze LED Outdoor Bollard Light - Black

    £58.49 £48.74
  15. Edit Mekong Outdoor Post Light - Dark Graphite

    £88.49 £73.74
  16. Agos Cool White LED Outdoor Small Post Light - Anthracite

    £109.00 £90.83
  17. Lucide Kibo Outdoor Post Light

    £24.99 £20.82
  18. Edit Torch Outdoor Post Light - Black

    £45.49 £37.91
  19. Lucide Texas LED Outdoor Post Light - Anthracite

    £99.99 £83.32
  20. Edit Dune Outdoor Post Light - Stainless Steel

    £19.99 £16.66
  21. Tronco Tall Outdoor Post Light - Black

    £121.00 £100.83
  22. Lucide Liam Outdoor Bollard Light - Anthracite

    £79.99 £66.66
  23. Edit Norin Outdoor Post Light - Anthracite

    £62.49 £52.07
  24. Edit Rio Outdoor Bollard Light with PIR Sensor - Black

    £71.99 £59.99
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Post and pedestal light fittings are ideal for providing effective outdoor post lighting where there is no suitable place for a wall light. Larger fittings are perfect for creating dramatic entrances or lighting an area where a smaller fitting would be obscured by tall plants or buildings. Our smaller post and garden spike lights provide more discreet lighting for unobtrusive ambient light.

Our Bollards, pedestals & posts feature will help you understand the defined differences between these types of lights whilst the added information below should assist you in selecting the right light for your requirements.

Traditional & Contemporary Styles Available

You can choose from the wide variety of fittings to suit your individual premises. Our traditional post and pedestal lights enhance the classic style of older buildings while our sleek and stylish modern post lights perfectly complement contemporary properties and design conscious environments. Many of these fittings have matching wall lights available so you can create a fully coordinated outdoor lighting scheme.

Durable & Rainproof Exterior Lights

All of our post and pedestal fittings are made from high quality materials that are hardwearing and long lasting, so you can be sure that your outdoor post lights are durable. Every fitting is 100% rainproof, so install your lights where you most need the illumination, not just where there is suitable shelter.