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Porch Lights - Astro - Norlys

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  1. Norlys Basel Outdoor Wall Light - Black with Frosted Glass

    £159.00 £132.50
  2. Norlys Turin Outdoor Half Lantern Wall Light - Black

    £99.99 £83.32
  3. Norlys Turin Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

    £145.00 £120.83
  4. Astro Calvi Pendant Porch Lantern - Black

    8% Off
    Special Price £124.00 £103.33 Regular Price £135.00
  5. Norlys Karlstad Porch Pendant Light - Black

    £119.00 £99.17
  6. Astro Bronte Porch Light

    8% Off
    Special Price £115.00 £95.83 Regular Price £125.00
  7. Astro Montparnasse Pendant Porch Lantern - Bronze

    Special Price £214.00 £178.33 Regular Price £215.00
  8. Astro Homefield Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light - Textured Black

    7% Off
    Special Price £156.00 £130.00 Regular Price £168.00
  9. Astro Newbury Half Lantern Outdoor Wall Light

    5% Off
    Special Price £114.00 £95.00 Regular Price £120.00
  10. Astro Box Outdoor Flush Ceiling Light - Black

    £139.00 £115.83
  11. Astro Homefield Pendant Porch Lantern

    £189.00 £157.50
  12. Astro Homefield 360 Pendant Porch Lantern - Textured Black

    £235.00 £195.83
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A porch is usually a roofed entrance to a building - a place where first impressions might easily be forged. Whether you’re a homeowner, restaurateur, home consultant, or perhaps run a residential home, a decorative porch light serves the dual purpose of welcoming visitors and providing an invaluable element of security.

Lyco offer a large selection of lights ideal for use at the entrance to a property, and in a wide variety of contemporary and classic styles. Whether you’re looking for a lantern-style light with rustic appeal or a modern, clean design, we can cater for your tastes. Our products are generally IPX3 Ingress Protection rating (e.g. IP23, IP43). Only the stainless steel products carry any kind of caveat - they’re not generally recommended for use in coastal areas.

Sensing movement

Some of our models come with an integrated PIR movement sensor, which are useful for providing illumination as you enter your home or premises, but also they alert you to any unexpected visitors and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Often these lights also have a built-in photocell, which helps you to calibrate the movement sensor so that it is only triggered during your chosen level of ambient light. The duration of illumination can also typically be predetermined.

Ideal for porches or any outdoor position close to a front door, we hope that our suggested range of porch lights is sufficient for all tastes and needs. Be sure to give us a call if you have specific doubts about a product, and put our award-winning level of customer service to the test!