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Ground Lights - EasyFit - Ivela - Robus

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  1. Robus Garland SMD Blue LED Walkover Lights - Set of 10

    £79.99 £66.66
  2. Ivela Adelpha Submersible Ground Light

    £24.99 £20.82
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Walkover lights are strong, discreet fittings designed to be recessed into decking, patios, driveways and pathways. These popular fittings can withstand people walking over them and some models are strong enough for drive over applications as well. You can choose the style that best suits your premises, as they come in a range of contemporary designs, shapes and sizes.

Our current range of ground lights includes:

  • Circular
  • Mini
  • Daisy
  • Hexagon
  • Square
  • Halo

Powerful light sources

Our walkover lights use different, powerful light sources that all provide effective outdoor lighting. The range includes dedicated low energy fittings, Standard, Halogen, Halide and Cathode bulbs and also LED (Light Emitting Diode) fittings. The LED models come with a choice of white or blue light, and even a fitting where the emitted light gently changes colour through a pre programmed sequence.

Durable, rainproof fittings

Manufactured from hardwearing materials, you can be sure that your walkover lights will last. All of our walkover lights are completely protected against rain, so you can be sure that they won't fail, even in the wettest weather. Some fittings are also protected against immersion in up to 1m of water. This means that they can be installed in areas where puddles regularly accumulate or within ponds and other water features.

Flexible, easy to install lighting

Our larger fittings are available to purchase separately, or you can choose to buy a complete set of smaller lights according to your needs. Many models come with decking clips and sleeves for mounting the lights into concrete, to make them easier to install.

For some useful ideas for creating great decking lighting why not check out our Decking Lights - adding that extra class feature.