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Garden Lighting

It wasn’t so very long ago when the garden of the average Brit was a dark, foreboding place, and if you go back far enough it would have been a place where we visited the WC en route braving arachnids and amphibians alike. Aside from the whole toilet thing, this ‘nocturnally out of bounds’ state of affairs still exists for many of us, but with a little investment in lighting a garden can be transformed into a nocturnal nirvana - a place where you might enjoy a little much deserved relaxation!

Lyco’s garden lighting catalogue may be conveniently divided into four sections: posts and bollards, ground spotlights, ‘plug and play’ lighting, and stake lights. Let’s take a brief look at these categories:

Posts and bollards

Posts and bollards are ideal for lighting key areas of your front or back garden, and help to keep visitors safely on a path, patio, or decking. They tend to vary significantly in initial outlay, depending on the lighting technology they use and any other extras such as movement sensors. Our selection of posts and bollards covers a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles to cater for all tastes.

Ground Spotlights

Ground spotlights are the perfect thing for highlighting attractive areas of your garden and creating a visually appealing, welcoming ambiance. Even when you can’t be in the garden, you might enjoy it from indoors if it isn’t pitch-black! Spot garden lighting is great for accentuating features such as shrubs, plants, garden ornaments or water features.

Stake lights

As you’d expect, stake lights are defined by their means of installation: they’re driven into the ground by a stake. So their purposes are many, whether they’re lighting a path or spotlighting. With their complete ease of use, stake lights are sometimes used in conjunction with solar technology to provide a completely self-sufficient source of light; a solar panel recharges the light’s batteries by day and the garden is subsequently illuminated by night. This has really been made possible by the extremely low power drawn by energy-efficient LED lights.

Plug and Play Garden Lighting

Plug and play lighting refers to expandable low voltage lighting schemes or kits for your garden. Because the lights are low voltage they’re easy to install - there’s no necessity for deeply buried cables and they can be safely set up without the need for an electrician. You simply choose your lighting scheme and connect it to a driver or transformer with a sufficient maximum wattage load, and you’re away! A diverse range of plug and play garden fittings is available.

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    Whether you’re a homeowner or perhaps a restaurateur or hotelier, planning an inviting night-time garden is potentially very beneficial. Make a space where you or your customers can relax, and feel comfortable and safe. Create a memorable evening ambiance! All of this is possible with our range of products, and we at Lyco are always on hand to assist you with your lighting projects.

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