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Festoon Lighting - Selected By Lyco

Garden24 Connectable FestoonsGarden24 Connectable Festoons
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  1. 52M Weatherproof Festoon Lighting - 50 Black Bulb Holders

    £195.00 £162.50
  2. 22M Weatherproof Festoon Lighting - 20 White Bulb Holders

    £139.00 £115.83
  3. 22M Weatherproof Warm White LED Festoon Lighting Kit - 20 Lights

    £124.00 £103.33
  4. 22M Weatherproof Cool White LED Festoon Lighting Kit - 20 Lights

    £125.00 £104.17
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Festoon lighting is, for want of a better description, a chain of lights that is often used during the festive season or for parties and weddings. Colour is the key to a successful set of festoon lights and each chain can have a single or multi-coloured theme. With each bulb being changeable, and in most cases sold separately, the choice is entirely yours.

As with other forms of lighting, LED is now a popular choice for festoon lights, although it is still possible to buy incandescent lamps that avoided the phase-out with their especially low wattage.

All shapes and sizes

The versatility of LED comes into its own with festoons, with lights being easily fashionable into all manner of small shapes. You might find star shapes, snowflake shapes, or icicles, fairy lights and cluster lights"¦the permutations are endless.

Solar powered party lights

Some of our festoon lights are solar powered and use a built-in photocell to automatically switch on. This is great during the festive season, as you can decorate any conifer trees you have in your grounds or garden and have them automatically light up at night! Or if you don't have a fir tree, a deciduous tree, or prominent shrub will do. Of course you don't need to wait until December to use fairy lights or rope lights - why not get creative and add ambience to your garden all year round!

To add a little party sparkle to your garden, be sure to check out our range of festoon lights.