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New Light Bulbs

Incandescent lighting came into being in late Victorian times, fluorescent lighting arrived around the 1930s, halogen lights first came into being during the mid to late 1950s, and even the ‘new’ kid in town, LED, was the 1960s conception of Nick Holonyak - though the technology has seen accelerated development over the last ten years or so.

New light bulb technology

Lighting technology is developing quickly: we have energy-saving halogen bulbs that operate significantly more efficiently than previous incandescent lamps; we have fluorescent lighting that is more viable, with higher quality output, and still at relatively low cost considering lifespan; then we have LED, really the great hope for the future, which has a potential being realised right now. The influx of LED solar-powered lights is representative of some of what we might achieve, and work is going on all the time to develop the technology further and make it a feasible choice across the board.

Cutting edge Lyco

With all of this in mind Lyco’s product managers always keep a close eye on new developments and new products, so we can deliver the best of these straight to you - the customer and end-user. We do this across our entire product range, but with particular reference to light bulbs, or lamps, you can be assured that state-of-the-art technology will never be long in arriving on our website!

The advantage of our online presence over a catalogue is of course its agility. By keeping a watchful eye on our ‘new’ website sections you can stay abreast of the latest light bulb designs and technologies, and weigh up their potential benefits for your business or home.

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