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Strip light bulbs

Lyco offers a handy selection of strip light bulbs for use in new light fittings or as replacements for expired 'tubes'. Our range is predominantly from Bell: a respected name in high quality lighting. Our strip tubes (as they are sometimes called) come in a choice of lengths and wattages, and typically offer a 1,000 hour lifespan. These strip bulbs also offer a choice of either opal or clear finishes, to suit your requirements.

Incandescent strip bulbs are best know for their use in shaver lights and picture lights but can be found in many other lights.

What possible benefits?

Although LED and CFL now rule many a roost, the light form that was pioneered in the late 19th Century remains peerless for its sheer natural output. Incandescent light is great for any colour-critical use or endeavour. Why? Because its colour spectrum doesn’t spike, or skimp - it’s lighting that is naturally off the scale in its CRI measurement. It scores 100.

If you’re running a display and expect it to be photographed, it provides illumination that can be better corrected for colour than more artificial light sources. It’s natural for your eyes, because it’s natural by default.

Picture lighting and more

The linear output from our incandescent strip light bulbs is ideal for use with picture lights, and for illuminating galleries or other artistic displays. Strip tubes with a clear finish and crisp, sharply-contrasting output are great for lighting technically-orientated displays, whilst the opal finish spreads a soft and even light that might be good for simultaneously lighting artworks and wall-washing in a corridor or hallway.

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