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Candle Light Bulbs

Candle light bulbs are designed to resemble a flame, and are therefore frequently used in decorative fittings such as pendants and chandeliers. They are also often used in compact light fittings where a regular GLS bulb will not fit, or allow enough space for heat dissipation. In recent years, EU legislation has stopped production of some forms of incandescent candle bulb, but they are available to buy from existing stocks. As things currently stand, all frosted or opal finish bulbs must have a category ‘A’ energy rating, whilst clear bulbs must be ‘C’ rated or higher.

Choosing a candle bulb

Available with a wide variety of bases and almost always dimmable, your main choices when buying incandescent candle bulbs are in form and finish. As a rule of thumb, a frosted or opal glass finish is a good choice for eye-level luminaires, where the softer flattering light and lack of glare will be an advantage.

In ceiling fittings such as pendants and chandeliers, a clear glass finish is often preferred for a crisper light that emphasizes shape and form, and any sparkling or reflective effect.

An assortment of decorative designs are used in candle light bulbs:

  • Bent-tip candles that resemble a flickering flame.
  • Irregular or twisted finishes that mimic a flame shape.
  • Decorative-filament candles with a patterned filament and an extremely warm output that is close to a real flame in colour.

Choice of fittings

You can choose from Bayonet (BC), Edison Screw (ES), Small Bayonet (SBC), Small Screw (SES) and Micro Screw (MES) in these lamps.

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