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Energy Saving GLS Bulbs

Lyco’s range of energy-saving GLS bulbs offers plenty of choice, with bayonet or screw-cap fittings to suit, a broad choice of wattages, and even the occasional dimmable bulb. As well as boasting lower power consumption over traditional GLS bulbs, these energy saver bulbs offer improved longevity.

Remember to allow for a warm-up time before dimming suitable CFL lamps.

Time to be efficient

Over 130 years after Sir Joseph Swan flicked on the electric lights to his Victorian house the EU finally phased out the regular incandescent light bulb. The GLS bulb - the ‘General Lighting Service’ lamp used in most households and many businesses - has now largely been replaced by energy-saving GLS equivalents or the more shapely ‘spirals’.

Ideal replacement

If you’re looking for a direct replacement for a regular, filament-burning GLS bulb, these energy-saving versions are the same size, and shape, but offer numerous advantages over the old technology:

  • 10 to 15 times the lifespan of an incandescent equivalent
  • Use up to 80% less power
  • Create lower CO2 emissions
  • Cheaper than LED alternatives

No pop - low maintenance

Lasting up to 15,000 hours, our energy-saving GLS bulbs are low-maintenance affairs. Gone is the familiar ‘pop’ of an incandescent filament, and the inconvenience of being plunged into darkness every year or so.

With fluorescent lighting having improved in quality over recent years, we expect you to be pleasantly surprised by the performance of our modern Energy Saving GLS Bulbs!

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