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Eco Halogen AR111

AR111 reflectors produce a controlled, clearly defined beam ideal for architectural lighting. They are great for spotlighting large areas in shops or showrooms, and in eco halogen form you’ll enjoy savings of around 33% in power consumption over regular halogen. Usually halogen AR111 lamps are designed with a metal cap over the filament to block glare, which simultaneously causes the light to be redirected off of the lamp’s reflector. Lifespan tends to be around 4,000 hours, which is twice the average longevity of halogen.

Colour rendering

Other technologies may outdo halogen as far as energy-efficiency and lifespan goes but halogen takes revenge when it comes to light quality and colour rendition. Being an incandescent light form these halogen lamps have fantastic underlying colour accuracy, even though they produce a relatively warm light. Their continuous spectrum ensures that all colours are accurately represented, with a bright, crisp light ideal for display and task applications.

Energy-saving technology

Energy-saving halogen (eco-halogen) technology may just be the saviour of incandescent lighting. There are essentially two ways in which an energy-saving lamp may live up to its name:

  • If a more efficient halogen gas is used inside the quartz capsule of a halogen lamp it causes the filament to burn more brightly, and when the filament burns more brightly a like-for-like output of light can be achieved with a lower consumption of watts.
  • Another design that causes the filament to burn more brightly is the inclusion of an infra-red heat-reflective coating within the bulb’s quartz halogen envelope. Again, the increased brightness enables lower power consumption for the same result.

Low Voltage

These eco halogen AR111 lamps are low voltage with a G53 base and require connection to a 12V transformer. The total wattage of your lighting scheme should fall between the minimum and maximum load of the transformer.

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