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Eco Halogen Bulbs

Eco Halogen Bulbs are one of the latest versions of incandescent light bulb technology. With the household versions of the traditional incandescent light bulb having succumbed to the phase out instigated by the EU ban, halogen bulbs have had to be improved in order to not suffer the same fate.

The subsequent strive for improved effieciency has seen the creation of energy saving halogen bulbs...

Halogen v eco halogen

Halogen in its base form is something like 10% more energy-efficient than its regular incandescent cousin. The type of halogen being used inside the bulb influences the final figure. In addition to that, a new technology that redirects infrared heat back onto the filament helps the lamp burn more brightly still and bumps up energy-efficiency to around 20-40% over basic halogen technology. Some energy-saving halogen bulbs clock up an amazing 50-60% advantage over old incandescent bulbs.

The halogen advantage

Halogen lighting tends to be cheap - that’s one thing we can all appreciate. But where it really shines is in light quality. Being an incandescent light source it produces a full spectrum of light, which makes it almost peerlessly colour-accurate. The CRI measure (colour rendering index) that is sometimes referred to is inherently maxed out by halogen, where other technologies fumble to hit a half-decent score. Halogen light is bright, crisp, and is ideal as critical display lighting or task lighting.

What we stock

We sell a wide variety of energy-saving halogen lamps:

Still trailing fluorescent lamps or LEDs for sheer low-powered efficiency and lifespan, these energy-saving halogens are, nonetheless, an enticing blend of affordability and fantastic-quality light.

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