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SON-E Lamps

SON-E lamps are elliptical high pressure sodium lamps often used for such purposes as exterior floodlighting, public amenity lighting, car parks, subways, residential lighting, and road lights. They generally emit a pleasing golden white light but are conversely very poor for accurate colour rendition.

SON lamps also boast incredibly long lifespans - usually around 20,000 to 30,000 hours but upwards of 50,000 hours in long-life models, and they’re cheap to run with high luminous efficacy. They’re a screw-fit bulb designed for extended periods of use without switching and can vary wildly in their level of power consumption.


Among our range of SON lamps you’ll find some with internal ignitors and some with external. With the external types of bulb the ignitor will usually be incorporated into the light fitting itself. As these bulbs are so long-lasting they are marked with an ‘I’ or ‘E’ enclosed by a triangle so as to remind you what type of replacement you require.

A SON-E bulb will take several minutes to reach full output from start-up, and are not designed to be restarted once hot.

Lyco offers a selection of SON-E elliptical lamps with a wide choice of wattage consumption and E27 or E40 cap fitting. If you’re replacing an existing bulb, we recommend that you replace like with like as far as possible.

Brand variation

Manufacturers label their SON bulbs using various proprietary names:

  • Sylvania = SHP
  • GE Lighting = Lucalox
  • Philips = SON
  • Osram = Vialox Nav
  • Venture = HPS

Lyco for your commercial needs

For any commercial lighting project, you can place your trust in Lyco! We adopt a conscientious approach to customer service and we dispatch fast - usually for next-day delivery.

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