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LED Garden Lights

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  1. Techmar Plug and Play - Alder LED Garden Spotlights - Set of 3

    £99.99 £83.32
  2. Lucide Arne LED Garden Spotlight - Black

    £34.99 £29.16
  3. Konstsmide High Power LED Ground Light

    £83.99 £69.99
  4. SLV Spike LED Garden Spotlight - Rust Brown

    £62.99 £52.49
  5. SLV Spike LED Garden Spotlight - Anthracite

    £64.99 £54.16
  6. Lucide Texas 600 LED Outdoor Post Light - Anthracite

    £105.00 £87.50
  7. Lucide Combo 650 LED Outdoor Post Light - Black

    £133.00 £110.83
  8. Edit Thika 600 LED Outdoor Post Light - Black

    49% Off
    Special Price £49.25 £41.04 Regular Price £98.49
  9. Edit Picco LED Ground Light - Silver

    £32.99 £27.49
  10. Edit Picco Medium LED Ground Light - Silver

    £21.99 £18.32
  11. Lucide Texas 600 LED Outdoor Post Light with PIR Sensor - Anthracite

    £153.00 £127.50
  12. Lucide Arne LED Garden Spotlight - Satin Chrome

    £33.99 £28.32
  13. Edit Monterrey 620 LED Outdoor Post Light - Black

    £62.99 £52.49
  14. Garden 24V Globe LED Stake Light - Black

    £119.00 £99.17
  15. Rise LED Ground Light - Aluminium

    £83.99 £69.99
  16. Garden 24V 3M LED Strip Light

    £32.99 £27.49
  17. Lutec Unite LED Outdoor Pedestal Light - Black

    49% Off
    Special Price £15.00 £12.50 Regular Price £29.99
  18. Taca LED Garden Spotlight - Stainless Steel

    20% Off
    Special Price £39.99 £33.32 Regular Price £49.99
  19. Faro Barcelona Kane Double LED Domed Ground Light

    £39.99 £33.32
  20. Faro Barcelona Kane Triple LED Domed Ground Light

    £41.99 £34.99
  21. Faro Barcelona Kane Single LED Domed Ground Light

    £38.99 £32.49
  22. SLV Nautilus Garden Spotlight - Rust Brown

    £34.99 £29.16
  23. Faro Barcelona Round High Power LED Ground Light

    £91.99 £76.66
  24. Searchlight Utah 450 LED Outdoor Post Light

    £43.49 £36.24
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The potential of LED lighting began to be realised perhaps as far back as the late 1970s, but it really trundled into being around the beginning of this, the 21st Century. Its evolution has been sent spinning by the need to dispatch with energy inefficient lighting sources, conveniently nut-shelled by the recent banning of incandescent GLS bulbs in Europe. Alternative lighting is needed.

For many outdoor purposes LED is particularly well suited. Why? Consider the applications - lights that are often left on for extended periods of time, lights that need to be rugged and capable of taking a bit of stick, lights that require so little power they might be self-sufficient if we can wire them up to natural energy sources. All of these boxes are ticked by LED garden lights. So they’re there, now, ready to use.

Let’s skip down the garden path a bit and look at some of these lighting forms - the ones that you’ll find out in the open as opposed to exterior wall lights or security lights:

  • Pedestal and post lamps are ideal for such purposes as lining a garden path, or marking an entrance to that path or perhaps a set of steps. Pedestal lights are shorter and stockier than post lights, by the way, but the strict definitions can sometimes be blurred. The LED versions of such lights tend to come in ‘plug and play’ low voltage kits. Usually you won’t need to dig up the garden to bury the cable, and the base kit can often be expanded with the addition of an extra light or two. These types of lights are simplicity itself to install!
  • Spotlights are also available in LED, which obviously might serve a number of purposes. You can use them to accent or highlight garden features, plants, or shrubbery, or you might have a more functional use for them such as illuminating utility areas. Again, these lights tend to come in plug and play kits, where you can buy the base kit and then connect extra lights to the same LED driver, up to that driver’s maximum load. If necessary there’s always the option of multiple kits. A nice thing about LED spotlights is that they can often be enclosed attractively and without the constraints in design imposed by heat-producing alternatives.
  • Garden spikes are simply any of a variety of lights - many of which are LED - that are designed with a large spike at their base for easy but firm installation. They might be contemporary in design or they might be rustic lanterns! Again, such arrangements are typically low voltage kits with the potential to buy extra lights according to the driver’s maximum wattage load.
  • Walkover lights are perfect for LED technology because its durable, vibration and shock proof. Plus it’s capable of fitting into small spaces and generates no discernible heat. LED walkover lights look great when installed in decking, as well as providing valuable illumination. Walkover lights tend to have exceptionally high IP ratings too, exposed as they often are, and some models can even by submersed. Use underwater accent lighting to highlight your pond! You should always check manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure suitability.
  • Solar powered lights: according to season we may have items such as solar-powered fairy lights in stock. If you have a conifer tree in your garden, make it appear festive without having to pay running costs! Any type of daylight will charge the lights’ batteries during the day, and at night, presto! Other forms of LED solar powered light also exist, including wall lights and security lights.

When it comes to illuminating the garden LED style, already you’ll find plenty of creative and economical choice. Take advantage of tomorrow’s light form now!