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LED Desk Lamps - White - Black - Nordlux

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  1. Nordlux Mento LED Clamp Desk Lamp - Black

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  2. Nordlux Mento LED Clamp Desk Lamp - White

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There are definite advantages to the LED desklamp: they’re the cheapest to run, they can be very compact in design, they’re eco-friendly, they’re shock and vibration proof, and they last for years. They’re also cool-running, which might be a consideration if you’re already burning the midnight oil and don’t need the extraneous heat.

The thrifty design of LED desk lamps is extremely useful, particularly if you’re the kind of desk dweller who likes to keep the occasional unnecessary item lying around. The light heads tend to be extremely compact so you needn’t ding your coffee mug on them, and the stands, too, often have a small footprint.

Lifespan is another area of note - with an LED desk lamp you can pretty much install and forget about it. No more filament-pinging followed by blackness – a regularlyy used LED lamp might very well be a pet for life! LED bulbs very frequently have a 50,000 hour lifespan, which literally equates to years of use.

The power consumption of LED in general is shockingly low, and in a light that needs only illuminate a confined space you can be certain it’s literally next to nothing. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that LED desk lamps are already a popular choice.